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2021 Projects List

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I always have projects on the list of what we would like to accomplish around the farm every year, 2021 is no exception. Some of our projects this year are fairly easy, some are pretty big jobs that we would love to do, but not sure if this is the year that we will get to them. Here is this years list. See 20210mProject post here.

  1. Refinish the Greenhouse Floor. –This project has been completed.
This is the “before” pic.
This is the “after” pic. I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome.

2. Build a Barn

Right now this is just a pasture, but it’s the perfect spot for a big, beautiful barn.

3. Re-do the Back Patio

The is composite decking that has become a trip hazard. We will replace it and add hand railings.

4. Porch Makeover

I love the stone surround on the porch, but it makes it feel very closed in. We will expand the space and lay stone decking.

5. Re-do this Garden Bed

I will put in a fountain and a trellis up against this blank wall.

We will create a cottage out of a portion of this barn.

This is the “before” pic of this room. You gotta love the casino carpet.

8. Update the Cabinet Hardware to Brass.

This hardwear is fine, but brass would be oh, so beautiful.

9. Add a Pond or Reflecting Pool in the Front Pasture

A large pond or reflecting pool would be so amazing in this pasture.