How to Create A Beautiful Blue and White Tablescape in the Garden + A DIY Project

How to Create A Beautiful Blue and White Tablescape in the Garden + A DIY Project

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Welcome! Thank you so much for stopping by. Boy, are we going to have fun together today. Not only am I going to share my blue and white tablescape in the garden, but I’m going to show you a DIY project for making blue and white salad plates.

I love outdoor dining. It feels so special and the food even tastes better.

It is so much fun dragging a table out into the yard to have a meal outdoors. It feels oh so special. When I decided to do this tablescape, I wanted to use blue and white floral salad plates. The only problem was that I didn’t have any blue and white floral plates. Here is how I made them.

Aren’t these plates so cute? They are so easy to make.

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This is what you will need to make them.clear glass salad plates, pretty napkins that are large enough unfolded to cover the whole plate, a foam brush and Mod Podge, small bowls, fingernail files and scissors.

Lay the plate facing down on a small bowl-the bowl will keep it up, so that it won’t stick to the table. Using the foam brush, paint the entire plate with Mod Podge.
Smooth on the napkin, making sure not to rip it. Let dry.
When the first coat is dry, Paint a coat of Mod Podge on top of the napkin. When I tried to paint a coat of Mod Podge onto the napkin without the first coat drying, I ripped the napkin.
When the Mod Podge is completely dry, use the fingernail file to remove any excess napkin. File towards the front of the plate, when I filed towards the back of the plate, the decopauged napkin began to lift. When you are finished removing the excess napkin, you are finished.
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They look beautiful on the tablesetting.
This bouquet adds so much color. I love it.

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Thank you so much for stopping by. I sure enjoyed our time together. Let me know if you tried this project. Please follow me on, on Instagram @peacockridge, on Pinterest and YouTube.

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Cindy Rust

Monday 7th of June 2021

Those plates are so sweet! I have been wanting to try a project like this with napkins! Thanks for sharing! Pinned!

Lynn Vogeler

Friday 4th of June 2021

So pretty! I bought some glass plates to do this a while ago and didn’t get around to it. You’ve motivated me to get started. Lovely table as always!

Leslie Watkins

Tuesday 1st of June 2021

Beautiful, friend! I haven’t done this midge lodge technique in a long time! You’ve inspired me with another project! Happy Tuesday!