Beautiful & Elegant Evergreen Tablescape

Make your holiday entertaining truly special with this green Christmas tablescape from Peacock Ridge Farm. Get inspired by beautiful and elegant evergreens, vintage silver decorations, and more!

Get ready to wow your guests and make holiday memories with this gorgeous green Christmas tablescape! With beautiful, elegant evergreen accents & vintage silver details, you’re sure to bring the festivity of the season.

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Are you looking for a tablescape that is not only beautiful but also elegant?

That’s easy and budget friendly?

Look no further!

This gorgeous evergreen tablescape is designed to make your holiday parties more festive and inviting.

Whether you are hosting a dinner party or having friends over for drinks, the lush greenery and accents of twinkling candles will be sure to create an atmosphere of festivity and cheer.

Get inspired by this luxe winter decor, guaranteed to impress even the most discerning guest!

Today, I am sharing a Beautiful & Elegant Evergreen Tablescape.

Come on, I’ll show you.

Beautiful & Elegant Evergreen Tablescape for the Holidays

Are you looking to create an elegant and timeless tablescape for your next gathering?

If so, look no further than this beautiful and classic evergreen tablescape!

From the freshly cut greenery, berries and pinecones,(clipped or gathered from my garden) this is a festive way to add some holiday cheer while keeping it classic.

With just a few simple steps, you can transform any space into an eye-catching centerpiece that is sure to wow both your guests and loved ones alike.

Keep reading for all of our tips on crafting a gorgeous evergreen tablescape that will bring out all of the joyous spirit of the season!

overview of entire table set with moss green table linen, pine boughs, and pine cones, ivory flameless taper candles, hurricane lamp with ivory pillar candle
Beautiful & Elegant Evergreen Tablescape for the Holidays

Are you ready to get your holiday decorating underway with something truly special?

Using things that you probably already have?

Things that might be tucked away in your craft room or dish closet?

Using these things in a new way that you haven’t thought of before?

Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching centerpiece or just trying to enliven your dining room, this evergreen tablescape is the perfect solution!

Vibrant shades of green, luxurious textures, and sparkling decorations make for a cozy atmosphere and great conversation that’s sure to create lasting memories.

Let’s take a closer look at how to achieve this beautiful and elegant yet simple style.

If you have been around for any amount of time, you know that I love setting a beautiful table.

But, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

I love going thrifting at antique stores, Facebook marketplace, garage and estate sales.

They are the perfect place to get vintage items and holiday decor that is unique and affordable.

I love finding vintage silver, copper items, vintage books and candle holders.

Beautiful & Elegant Evergreen Tablescape for the Holidays, place card with hand written name, moss green linen napkin and placemat, gold rimmed charger and plate, silver napkin ring, pine cone on plate, etched glassware, flameless ivory candles, pine sprigs in silver urn, white berries, white roses
Beautiful & Elegant Evergreen Tablescape for the Holidays

What Do I Need for My Beautiful & Elegant Evergreen Tablescape?

Get ready to celebrate this holiday season with a beautiful and elegant green Christmas tablescape that is sure to impress!

With vintage silver accents, evergreen arrangements, and plenty of holiday cheer, it’s the perfect way to entertain.

You will need: (beings some of the items that I used are vintage-I’m linking to similar items) woven table runner, silver tray, silver ice bucket, silver salt and pepper shakers, berry stems, evergreen stems, evergreen garland, hurricane candle holders, flameless candles, flameless tapers, mint julep cups, faux white roses, olive placemats, gold rimmed dinner plates, gold rimmed salad plates, silver napkin rings, olive cloth napkins, pinecones, wine glasses, water glasses, silverware, green velvet ribbon, burlap ribbon.

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Creating A Beautiful & Elegant Evergreen Tablescape

Beautiful & Elegant Evergreen Tablescape for the Holidays, gold rimmed charger and plate, sage green placemat, green cloth napkin with silver napkin ring, sprig of pine and pinecone on the plate, silver cutler, silver platter on a beige grass cloth runner, etched stemware
Beautiful & Elegant Evergreen Tablescape for the Holidays

I recently found these placemats and napkins in my table linens storage cabinet.

I remembered just how much I loved these when I got them and how perfect they would be for a simple and elegant winter tablescape.

I live on a ten acre farm loaded with pinecones, evergreens, holly trees and seasonal shrubs.

I love grabbing a basket and some pruning shears and going out to find the perfect natural elements for whatever project that I am working on.

That is one of my favorite things about French Country design and entertaining, they use what nature has to provide.

It makes things so much more unique and timeless.

green velvet ribbon tied on hurricane lamps, ivory flameless candles, pine cones and pine boughs on a beige grasscloth runner, cake stand with snowy pine trees, etched stemware, gold and white place setting, green cloth napkin with silver napkin ring, silver cutlery
Beautiful & Elegant Evergreen Tablescape for the Holidays

Creating a beautiful evergreen French Country tablescape is the perfect way to bring in the holiday festivities!

Not only is it an elegant and timeless choice, but you can also add in your own personal touches, like using your wedding China, favorite table linens and adding other festive decorations.

I bought this China about 25 years ago.

It is timeless and classic(and it wasn’t expensive-I got it at Costco).

I have used it hundreds of times over the years for birthdays, celebrations, Thanksgiving feasts and Holiday Parties.

The white base with gold trim is perfect for any time of the year-and it goes with anything.

The important thing is to make it your own, use what you have.

What makes you feel cozy and special.

Whether your gathering will be a quiet night in or a grand family reunion, this tablescape is sure to become a favorite part of the festivities that will bring all your guests together.

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From all of us here at Peacock Ridge Farm, we wish you and yours very happy holidays filled with lots of cheer!

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Beautiful & Elegant Evergreen Tablescape for the Holidays, green linen napkin, silver napkin ring with a pine cone and pine sprig, white roses and pine bouquet, silver urn, etched glassware, green placemat
Beautiful & Elegant Evergreen Tablescape for the Holidays

I love the simplicity of the place setting.

A beautiful table doesn’t have to be compicated or expensive.

I used my olive placemat, topped with my china dinnerplate and salad plate with an olive colored cloth napkin.

I tucked an evergreen sprig in the silver napkin ring and placed a pinecone next to it.

I love this simple yet elegant look.

Next, I added my vintage silverware, wine glasses and water glasses.

After learning all about the perfect evergreen tablescape, you should now be feeling inspired to start decorating your own home for the holidays!

With green garlands, candle light and festive accessories, you can create a tablescape that is both elegant and timeless.

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So go ahead and start crafting those beautiful tablescapes- just a few easy adjustments can make all of difference this holiday season.

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Beautiful & Elegant Evergreen Tablescape for the Holidays

In conclusion, creating an evergreen tablescape doesn’t need to be a difficult process.

With just a few simple steps, you can create a timeless look that will bring elegance and delight to your next gathering.

Whether it’s for Christmas or New Year’s Eve, these decorating ideas will help make your holiday event one that everyone will remember.

This tablescape isn’t Christmas specific-but rather celebrating the coziness of the winter months with your friends and family over a great meal.

Be sure to finish off the tablescape with some festive touches that show off your own personal style and flair.

And don’t forget – once you have done all the groundwork for your beautiful evergreen tablescape, share it!

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Beautiful & Elegant Evergreen Tablescape for the Holidays
Beautiful & Elegant Evergreen Tablescape for the Holidays

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Beautiful & Elegant Evergreen Tablescape for the Holidays

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