Beautiful and Festive Fall Decor at Peacock Ridge Farm

Beautiful and Festive Fall Decor at Peacock Ridge Farm

Beautiful and Festive Fall Decor at Peacock Ridge Farm

I love fall! I love warm sunny days and cool nights. I love boots and sweaters, and pumpkin spice chai tea lattes. I love fall leaves and pumpkins. I love just about everything about fall. I wanted to put out my fall decor in August, but someone told me that I had to wait at least September 1st, he definitely doesn’t have fall spirit to the same degree as I do.

I live on a lovely country road, I love seeing tree lined driveways with their gorgeous fall leaves and driveways decorated with fall decor. This fall I planted a Red Sunset Maple at the end of the driveway and 10 Akebono flowering cherry trees, that have beautiful fall leaves along my driveway. I can’t wait for them to grow up and really show off their color.

I have a tiny front porch, so I try to pack in as much autumn punch as I can, even if the only one that comes to the front door is the FedEx guy.

I absolutely love decorating my mantle. I enjoy poking in pheasant feathers, fall leaves, acorns and pumpkins around my everyday decor.

I used to go all out with China dishes and Silver when I was entertaining, but I’m learning that those aren’t the things that bring me joy. I’m enjoying using my everyday dishes, silverware and glasses, because what I enjoy most at my table is my kids and grand babies.

This is on my kitchen Island, the centerpiece of my kitchen. I use my island as my office, so it’s usually scattered with my computer, and all of my office paraphernalia-so this is the cleaned up version.

I have a sweet little sitting area in my kitchen where my husband and I sit with a cup of tea and visit. This little table sits between our chairs. I love decorating with vintage items as much as I love decorating for fall.

Even the laundry room gets decorated. We use our garage door that enters into our laundry room as our front door, this is the first thing that you see as you enter our home.

This is what I look out onto from my kitchen window. This is a great place to spend brisk fall evenings, especially if the twinkle lights and fireplace are on.

This is our dining pavilion. We love entertaining outdoors, almost all year round.

Happy Fall! I hope that you get the chance to spend time with your friends and family this holiday season, for that is what is most important, those we love.

Hugs and blessings to you,