Great Ideas for Fountains Around the Farm

Great Ideas for Fountains Around the Farm

Hi friends!

I’m so glad that you are here today. I’m sharing the fountains around our farm today. When we first bought the farm, there wasn’t a lot of French Country garden details. Fountains are one of my very favorite decor items in a French Country Garden. Grab a cup of tea and let’s take a walk around the gardens.

This is our fountain in the front yard.

This fountain is in our front yard. As you drive down our long driveway , this is the first thing that you see when you get to our front yard.

Our long driveway.
This vintage urn is so beautiful.

I love this fountain. I got this antique metal urn from an antique vendor. She said that it was 100 years old. I love that is has such a long story before it arrived at our farm. I had the fountain base and pedastol made to complete this fountain. In the summer, I hang my hammock close to this fountain as it sounds so wonderful.

This fountain is located near the outdoor dining area.

This fountain was here when we got the farm. It’s a huge beautiful rock that is situated in a wonderful dry rock bed. You walk through a vine covered trellis and down a rock walkway to this fountain.

The courtyard fountain.

This fountain is wonderful as well. I love all of the layers of it, due to how many times the water drops, the sound multiplies. It’s amazing. This area of the farm is a great place for a gatherings or for a wine tatsting event.

This fountain makes me think of a fountain in a plaza in France.

I love this fountain, I know-I say that about all of the fountains, but I really do love them. They add so much character and ambiance to the garden. I had to redo this area of the garden this spring. We had our patio replaced and the workers decided to use my garden bed to store gravel and their tools. As irritating as it was, it was a wonderful opportinity to update this flower bed and a fountain for the centepice was just the thing. I will show you the new updated flower bed in a post soon.

This is a great fountain, too. We had a long wall with absolutely nothing on it, just a huge blank wall. It was right next to a sidewalk, so there wasn’t much room to add interest to the wall. I have a concrete guy that sells pieces individually, so you can mix and match to make things the way that you want them, I got a base with a flat side to put right up against the wall, and added the tower with the lion heads. I also love lion heads and I use them all over the farm. This fountain is perfect here. I flanked it with two matching planters and hung trellises on the wall above them. Voila! Loads of interest along that wall now.

And last, but certainly not least is the fountain at the end of the garden path. I try to reuse things as much as possible. I had a pile of left over construction materials in the barn. I decided to use some of the concrete board and trim to create a fountain wall. I also had these light fixtures in the barn, just waiting for their turn to be used. The fountain itself is vintage and it had a concrete lions head on it.

Years ago when we turned 50, (yikes!) we went back packing through Europe. Yes, with just a backpack. There was not a lot of room to bring home treasures, so while I wandered through the vintage markets I kept my eye out for things that were small enough to tuck into my backpack. I found this brass lion head fountain with a serpent spigot. It was not only small enough to fit in the backpack, but it was wonderful and I knew that I could do something wonderful with it. The vendor told me that this lion head fountain was from the late 1800’s. I ground the concrete lion head off of the concrete fountain and replaced it with the vintage brass lionhead and serpent spigot. It’s wonderful, and yes, I love it.

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Hugs and blessings to you,


Leslie Watkins

Saturday 29th of May 2021

I love fountains. The sound of water is so soothing. And backpacking? I bet you have some great stories about that trip you will have to share!

Tara @ Stilettos and Shiplap

Thursday 20th of May 2021

Those fountains are absolutely beautiful, Renae. I am sure they add so much to the experience of being in your amazing gardens. I have always wanted a couple fountains in my small yard but have not put any in yet. It's on my list of things I'd like to accomplish this summer so let's see if that actually happens!


Sunday 23rd of May 2021

Thank you so much. I look forward to seeing your fountains. Hugs to you.

Barbara Chapman

Sunday 16th of May 2021

Oh my goodness, Renae! That fountain must have weighed a small ton to pack around, though... Not that I haven't come back from Germany (when I was 19) or England (with kids and seven bags/incl. 2 mirrors) with bags weighing 200 lbs?! (Never!) ;) Backpacking, though... I think I would have found a post and shipped it. My brother was able to ship a box of books home from the RAF he was working at (RAF Molesworth, 2 hours north of London) back in 2005. My kids and I carried the rest home in our suitcases, including: an Art Deco teapot, a glass celery jar, £90 worth of pound coins so each of us could have cool coins, a round drum table, and other goodies. We thrifted all over Cambridgeshire! :)

Anyway, I love all of your fountains, too. Here's my old one at our last home in California... I miss that backyard as it was a good half of the 8000 sq. ft. property (no where near as large as your lovely property, but worked for us!):

Enjoy your beautiful gardens and the sound of running water... I am looking for one or two for our new home here in Texas. :) They are on "The list."

Hugs, Barb :)


Wednesday 19th of May 2021

Us girls just can't leave treasures behind, no matter the struggle to get them home. Hugs and blessings to you.

Nancy Brantley

Sunday 16th of May 2021

I'm with Missy, BEAUTIFUL!!! What beautiful landscape you can enjoy. You have put alot of work into this garden.


Wednesday 19th of May 2021

Thank you so much, Nancy. Hugs and blessings to you.

Sue Dawson

Saturday 15th of May 2021

So beautiful!


Wednesday 19th of May 2021

Thank you, Sue. I miss seeing you.