Ideas for a French Country Kitchen Pantry Makeover

Upgrade your pantry to a unique French country style with beautiful paint, wallpaper, and woven baskets! Learn how to upgrade your pantry with delightful designs from Peacock Ridge Farm.

Get inspired to redesign your pantry with this easy-to-follow French Country makeover. Delight in the use of blue, wallpaper, woven baskets, and gingham check skirted cabinet.

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If you love looking for French Country kitchen ideas, I have a fun and creative way to give your kitchen pantry a makeover.  

With open shelves, natural materials and loads of French style, this kitchen pantry will have you feeling like you are in the French Countryside.  

A well-organized and decorated pantry can be a beautiful addition to any home, as it not only keeps everything neat and tidy but also adds an air of sophistication.

Today, I am sharing a French Country Pantry Makeover.

French Country Pantry Makeover
French Country Pantry Makeover

Come on, I’ll show you.

Does your pantry look like this? 

Embarrassing, right? 

If you have been considering sprucing up your pantry, then look no further. 

French Country Pantry Makeover

Such an overhaul doesn’t have to break the bank — start with those small changes that will bring the largest impact while being mindful of both money and time.

From timeless accessories to woven storage baskets and sweet wallpaper — we’ll share all our best tips on how to create a beautiful French country-style pantry in no time.

As an Interior Designer, I can’t help but see every space as a blank canvas. I love a kitchen with white cabinets, stone walls, antique furniture, wooden beams, white marble countertops and rustic brick in a herringbone pattern, that looks like it is on the French Riviera. But my lake house kitchen isn’t a 

typical French country kitchen.  It is a typical home built in 2000. I don’t have the budget for a whole new kitchen, but I can do small projects using some decorative items and a lot of planning and not a lot of money-I can transform my kitchen pantry with some simple French Country kitchen design ideas.

French Country Pantry Makeover

Step 1:  Clear everything out. It will be easier to see your space more clearly and come up with a plan.  I had things all over my kitchen island and dining room, which made it easy for me to organize and sort through my pantry items.

The previous owners added some great shelving to the pantry, but it lacked some character.  I love adding great details to every hardworking space of my house.  Step 2: I added a 1″x 2″ board to the front of the cabinet shelves to make them feel more substantial, than the thin 1″ original shelf boards.  I added wood glue and then nailed the 1″x 2″ to the edge of the shelf. 

What Do I Need for a French Country Pantry Makeover? 

You will need: compound miter saw, 1’x2′ boards, wood glue, brad nails, brad nail gun, paint, paint brush, foam roller and roller frame, paint tray, step stool, wallpaper, woven storage baskets, black labels, white marking pen, twine, gingham check fabric, thread,  fabric scissors, sewing machine, curtain rod, wood crates and casters, drill.

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French Country Pantry Makeover

What Do I Need for a French Country Pantry Makeover?

You will need: measuring tape, compound miter saw, 1’x2′ boards, wood glue, brad nails, brad nail gun, paint, paint brush, foam roller and roller frame, paint tray, step stool, wallpaper, woven storage baskets, black labels, white marking pen, twine, gingham check fabric, thread, fabric scissors, sewing machine, curtain rod, wood crates and casters, drill.

Add Some Color

I love blue, it’s my favorite color and the pantry is the perfect place to use it.  You just can’t go wrong with French Blue, it’s the perfect color palette for a small space and it packs a punch. Step 3:  I used some French Blue paint that I already had in the garage, that I used it to paint my front door. 

You can see the entryway makeover, How to Add Charm and Character to Your Entryway

 Paint the tops, bottoms and edges of the shelves and let them dry.   You may need two coats of paint. 

Add Personal Style

A great way to add personal style is with wallpaper. Choose a wallpaper with a classic appearance that adds a warm feeling.  I loved this wallpaper so much the second that I saw it.  And it really adds to my overall French Country design.

Step 4: Now, it’s time for the fun part, adding the wallpaper. 

This wallpaper is peel and stick, so it’s easy to hang. 

I measured From top to bottom to see how much wallpaper I needed.  Then I added an extra inch, just to make sure that I had a big enough piece.

Next I peeled off the backing and applied the wallpaper to the wall, making sure that there were no air bubbles or creases in the wallpaper. 

Doesn’t it look great? 

I love it. 

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French Country Pantry Makeover

Add Softness with Fabric

I love gingham check, it’s one of my all time favorites and it adds a wonderful element of color with a classic French look.  It’s a small thing that adds so much charm and character.

Step 5: I made the gingham check curtains, but you can buy some if you don’t sew.  

I attached the curtain rod brackets to the bottom of the shelving, then I slid the curtains onto the rod and hung it on the brackets. I absolutely love the wallpaper and the curtains. The combination adds so much character to the pantry. 

Add Storage

 I love using natural elements like woven baskets.  So, That is what I chose to organize my pantry items and it fits the overall style of the house.

Step 6: I added woven hyacynth baskets on the shelves and added a cute label to each basket. 

Step 7:  I bought some wood crates and added casters to the bottoms of them with a cordless drill. 

Now they easily roll out from underneath the curtains and roll back in. 

French Country Pantry Makeover

I not only store food in my pantry, but I store glassware and decor.  

I use a vintage wood tray to hold water bottles in a pretty way.  

I tuck in some vintage silver trays behind my glassware.  

They not only add more character, but I get to see them any enjoy them everyday, instead of being tucked away in a cupboard.  Storing these items in the pantry saves from cluttering up counter space.

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French Country Pantry Makeover

Creating a French Country-inspired pantry makeover is certainly achievable. 

It doesn’t have to break the bank or take an extensive amount of time to accomplish it. 

What a fun transformation.  It’s my favorite spot in my whole kitchen.  

It makes me smile every single time that I walk in there.

It is a bright spot in my white kitchen.

Through easy and affordable decorating touches, your pantry can easily achieve a classic French Country-inspired makeover without having to do a kitchen remodel. 

I added in some vintage pieces and serving trays in a pleasing way on the beautiful open shelving. It is such a pretty way to store things that I don’t use everyday.

French Country Pantry Makeover

In conclusion, creating a French country style pantry is the perfect way to breathe new life into your kitchen or dining space. 

From gingham accents to beautiful shelves – you have the power to create a unique look in your home that truly speaks to your taste. 

So don’t delay – take a few moments today to envisage what a DIY makeover would look like in your pantry! 

And be sure to join us on our blog for more inspiring home renovation projects, so don’t forget to subscribe to our blog, Pinterest and Instagram page – we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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French Country Pantry Makeover
French Country Pantry Makeover

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French Country Pantry Makeover

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Aussie Jo

Friday 3rd of November 2023

I find if I clean out my pantry it doesn't stay clean and tidy for very long

Renae Frey

Tuesday 21st of November 2023

mine doesn't either.

AnnMarie | Simply2Moms

Sunday 29th of October 2023

Love this pantry makeover Renae! The wallpaper is beautiful and the baskets and curtains are just so pretty too.


Saturday 28th of October 2023

Renae, I'd like to move into your pantry. It looks amazing. I plan to share a link on tomorrows DRA.


Saturday 28th of October 2023

What a pretty pantry/butler’s pantry. The wallpaper and curtain are darling. What is the suspended planter behind you in the photo wearing a black dress? It looks like aged copper or terra cotta with pretty shrubbery growing in it .


Saturday 28th of October 2023

Your pantry makeover is incredible Renae! I love the wallpaper and the curtains you made, so pretty!