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How to Add Beautiful Vintage Charm to Your Dining Room

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Find out how you can add a touch of timeless, vintage charm to your dining room using vintage finds. Give your home an instant character boost with our easy-to-follow tips!

Bring character and charm into your home with these tips on how to add beautiful vintage finds from Peacock Ridge Farm. Give your dining room a timeless makeover today!

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Are you looking to add a bit of vintage charm to your dining room?

It’s an easy and affordable way to bring radiance, beauty, and cheering nostalgia into your space.

From stunning antique architectural pieces to unique decorations that spark conversation, there are plenty of ways to infuse personality into your dining area.

In this blog post, we’ll provide insights on how you can create the perfect ambience for entertaining with retro-inspired decor that is sure to wow guests!

Today, I am sharing How to Add Beautiful Vintage Charm to Your Dining Room.

Come on, I’ll show you.

How to Add Beautiful Vintage Charm to Your Dining Room, linen ruffled chair covers, vintage dining room set, vintage chandelier, grey and white area rug, hard wood floors, woven blinds, white sheers on black rods, telescope, dried hydrangeas
How to Add Beautiful Vintage Charm to Your Dining Room

If you’re looking to make a statement in your dining room, adding some vintage charm is definitely the way to go!

Vintage pieces can provide you with an air of sophistication and timelessness that will have your guests talking – not to mention, they always look great.

But if you’re unsure where to start when it comes to creating a vintage-inspired look for your own home, don’t Panic!

We’ll be covering everything from how to create the perfect color palette and finding unique furniture pieces, all the way through incorporating rustic touches and even doing DIY projects.

So get ready readers – it’s time to discover how you can add beautiful vintage charm into your dining room today!

What Do I Need to Add Beautiful Vintage Charm to Your Dining Room?

How to Add Beautiful Vintage Charm to Your Dining Room, before photo, brown walls, low round light fixttures, view of lake, wood flooring, saw horse, decking
How to Add Beautiful Vintage Charm to Your Dining Room

Are you looking to add a touch of classic charm to your dining room?

Whether it’s for your family dinners, holiday gatherings or special occasions, adding vintage accessories can be the perfect way to give life and personality to any space.

With these tips and tricks, creating an inviting room with character is easier than ever!

Read on for our top ideas on how you can easily add beautiful vintage charm to your dining room.

This is the “before” pic of the lake house dining room.

The view is spectacular, however the dining room itself was lacking a bit of charm.

Although, I used vintage mostly vintage items, I have linked some beautiful items below that would add charm and character to your dining room.

You will need: White paint, wood blinds, curtain rods, curtains, carpet, dining table, dining chairs, chair covers, ceiling medallion, chandelier, corbels, urn planter, faux plant, column, bust, telescope, hutch, lantern, demijohn, table runner, rose topiaries, silver tray, cross buck barstools, small boxwood wreaths, buffalo check ribbon.

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How to Add Beautiful Vintage Charm to Your Dining Room

decorative ceiling medallion, vintage chandelier with hanging crystals, woven wicker blinds, black curtain rods
How to Add Beautiful Vintage Charm to Your Dining Room

Discover the secrets behind adding beautiful vintage charm and character to your dining room with these creative ideas, using vintage finds from Peacock Ridge Farm!

The first thing that I did was to paint the dining room white.

It really brightened up the room.

The next thing I did was to replace the two modern light fixtures for this beautiful vintage chandelier.

I didn’t want to have to do drywall repair and repaint the entire ceiling, so I found the biggest ceiling medallion.

It is 37″ wide.

It was perfect to hide the holes left from the previous wiring and it added tons of character.

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antique corbel, white trim, white wood beam, white crown molding, cat palm, bust on plinth, woven wood blinds
How to Add Beautiful Vintage Charm to Your Dining Room

Look at those corbels!

Aren’t they wonderful?

I found these in a vintage marketplace.

They told me that they were from a 100 year old home.

I added a vintage corbel to both ends of the header that separates the living room and dining room.

What a difference they make.

I added woven wood blinds to warm up the space and white curtains to soften the space.

I found the perfect vintage column and bust to fill the corner of the dining room and add yet more vintage character.

I added a faux palm to add life to the room.

PRO TIP: Adding greenery, whether faux or real, adds life to any room.

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How to Add Beautiful Vintage Charm to Your Dining Room, china hutch, vintage wicker demijohn, vintage white corbel, glass French doors, wood flooring
How to Add Beautiful Vintage Charm to Your Dining Room

My dining room didn’t have any storage in it, so this vintage hutch filled the bill.

I store extra dishes and servingware in it, and it adds more warmth to the white room.

I love adding vintage finds to the top of the hutch as well.

French wicker demijohn, white corbel, distresed white artichoke, black lantern with chain, vintage painting
How to Add Beautiful Vintage Charm to Your Dining Room

What a great adventure it’s been exploring how to inject vintage charm into your dining room!

The options for creating the perfect atmosphere of warm nostalgia through classic pieces and decorations are practically endless.

As you plan your next decor update for your space, come back to this blog post for more inspiration on ways to enhance your home with timeless pieces that will stand the test of time.

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If you’ve taken anything away from reading this blog post, remember that making your dream dining area doesn’t have to be expensive or hard— you just need a bit of creativity and an affinity for retro charm.

So go ahead, be brave and start dreaming up all the possibilities available with vintage finds in hand!

How to Add Beautiful Vintage Charm to Your Dining Room

I love these barstools with the sweet boxwood wreaths on them.

These aren’t vintage, but inspired by vintage barstools.

Bringing vintage charm into the dining room is a great way to transform a dull space into one that radiates with warmth, delight, and natural beauty.

Adding pieces such as statement furniture and unique accessories with sentimental value can create meaningful surroundings and capture attention while entertaining guests.

You may have to put in some extra effort searching for treasures at flea markets, but it will be more than worth it when you see how it brings your dining area to life!

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And now it’s time to get started on creating an inviting dining room oasis which will take your meals with friends or family members to a whole new level of joy.

Let us know what creations you come up with – we love seeing how our readers bring their dream spaces into fruition!

vintage dining table, woven back dining chairs, cat palm, telescope, bust on column with wreath, white sheer curtains, vintage chandelier with ceiling medallion, view of lake
How to Add Beautiful Vintage Charm to Your Dining Room

Incorporating vintage decor and furniture into your dining room can easily add a special unique charm that breathes new life into the overall space.

I bought this vintage table and 8 chairs for only $150.

What a deal.

I added white furniture wax and chair covers to the chairs to add a bit of French Country flair.

I love how it adds so much beauty to my dining room.

If I am entertaining a large crowd, I can turn the table sideways and add the leaves and two more dining chairs.

It’s perfect for entertaining my friends and family.

Whether you opt for colorful, traditional, or rustic pieces, there are many ways to make the homey atmosphere of your retro-inspired design come to life.

What’s more, adding vintage elements isn’t just a great way to dress up your dining area – it will also brings conversations around topics from different eras when used as conversation starters with guests!

So don’t hesitate any longer – start curating a timeless look today that is truly yours with a hint of nostalgia and romance!

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How to Add Beautiful Vintage Charm to Your Dining Room
How to Add Beautiful Vintage Charm to Your Dining Room

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How to Add Beautiful Vintage Charm to Your Dining Room

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Thursday 10th of August 2023

I cannot believe you got the table and the chairs for $150 - that is such an awesome deal! I'm totally with you changing the paint color made a big difference and I love all the extra special farmhouse touches you've added throughout too. They're just gorgeous! Hugs, CoCo

Renae Frey

Wednesday 30th of August 2023

Thank you, my friend. I was so excited to get the table and chairs. They transformed to my style quite well. Blessings to you.


Saturday 5th of August 2023

Your dining room always looks so beautiful, Renae. I love the vintage touches you've added to your home.

Renae Frey

Sunday 6th of August 2023

Thank you so much, Jen. I appreciate your kindness.