How to Add Charm and Character to Your Entryway

Learn how to add cottage style charm to your home’s entryway for a warm and welcoming look.

This post is about adding cottage style and charm in your home’s entry way. It is filled with ideas on how you can make this area welcoming, warm and charming.

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It’s easy to add cottage charm to your entryway with just a few simple items. By adding a wreath, baskets, and a bench, you can create an inviting entryway that will make your guests feel right at home.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to create a charming cottage-style entryway in your own home. Read on to learn more!

Today, I am sharing How to Add Charm and Character to Your Entryway. Come on, I’ll show you.

How beige linen pillow with white embroidery, antique sconce, French blue door, green leaf wreath, wood flooring, oriental runner rug, iron chandelier with crystal pendants, bench, french doors, wicker basket, pink flowers
How to Add Charm and Character to Your Entryway

Whether your entryway is small or large, cozy or grand, there are a few simple ways to add cottage charm to the space. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips on how to create a welcoming entrance that will make you feel right at home.

So whether you’re looking to upgrade your current entryway or are just starting from scratch, read on for some inspiration!

Do you long for the cozy charm of a cottage, but don’t have the space? You can add some of that magic to your entryway without taking up any extra room. Just follow these simple tips!

How to Add Charm and Character to Your Entryway

This is what my entryway looked like before.

I loved the crown molding.

I loved the French Door going into the kitchen.

I loved the hardwood floors.

But, what I loved most about it was the view of the lake.

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How do I make my plain house look like a cottage?

If you’re looking to add some cottage charm to your home, start with your entryway.

This space sets the tone for the rest of your house, so it’s important to make it feel welcoming. Here are a few ideas for adding character to your entryway.

I love a warm and inviting entryway.

It’s the first impression that your guests have of your home.

I knew that this entry way could be so, much, more.

How to Add Charm and Character to Your Entryway, tall candlestick holder, green plant, large hallway mirror, white stair railing, framed horse print, framed french countryside photos
How to Add Charm and Character to Your Entryway

The first thing that I did was to remove the modern lighting, the shelves and hooks and I painted the walls and trim my favorite color, Alabaster by Sherwin Williams.

It really brightened up the space.

I also added lots of vintage mirrors.

I love the light that reflects off of the mirrors.

And, it provides a way to take that last look at yourself before you head out the door.

cherub, mirror feature wall, small topiary, white wooden shelf, gold antique mirror, bronze detailed mirror, french door
How to Add Charm and Character to Your Entryway

Do you long for the days when people would take their time to come and visit, sit on the porch swing, and chat? Bring a little of that cottage charm to your home by adding an entryway bench.

Not only will it provide a welcoming spot for guests, but it can also add storage space to your foyer.

I love this vintage bench. I love the French country flair that it adds to the entryway. This bench is great because it doesn’t take up too much room. And, it adds so much character.

Entryway benches come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to take the time to find the perfect one for your home.

Entryway benches can provide a lot of benefits to your home. By adding one, you can create a more inviting entrance, increase storage space, and even add seating for guests.

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How do I get the country cottage look?

Nothing says “Cottage Charm” like French doors and vintage lighting.

I found these French doors in the crawl space. They had been there for a while. They just needed a good scrub and a paint job.

I love them.

Look at this vintage lighting.

Isn’t it amazing?

The really amazing part is that they were $35 or less for each one. What a bargain.

They make my heart so happy!

I love adding some flowers and greenery to every room. It adds so much life. If you put it in a vintage basket, it’s even better.

For more cottage charm ideas, see the bunk room here, the Summer Home Tour, here, the master bedroom here and the bathroom here and the kitchen, here.

Lastly, I add a vintage rug. They draw you into the house and add so much warmth.

Vintage rugs are so affordable.

One thing that I love about them is that they are imperfect.

They are worn.

They tell a story of all who had been there before.

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