How to Arrange a Beautiful Spring Bouquet

How to Arrange a Beautiful Spring Bouquet

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Recently, I made a trip to the Wholesale Flower Market, one of my many happy places. I spent an entire day buying, dreaming about and playing with flowers. Who doesn’t love a fresh bouquet of flowers? I sure do. It’s so fun, and easy too. I’m going to show you how I arranged a spring bouquet using fresh flowers.

I came home with so many wonderful flowers and greenery. Here is just a sample of what I got for my fresh flower bouquet. I love using interesting greenery in my bouquets-eucalyptus, blackberries, hypericum and so much more.

I love this vintage Ironstone vase, it’s one of my favorites. So, I decided that I would use this for my spring bouquet. The first thing that I did was to create a grid pattern with scotch tape onto the opening of this pitcher. The tape grid keeps flowers in place.

You can use anything for a vase, a bucket, a basket, an urn, anything that strikes your fancy. Here are a few ideas to use for arranging flowers.

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See the post about what I did with these flowers here.

See the post of what I did with these flowers here.

This is one of my favorite flower arrangements, I used oranges, lemons and grapefruit. Get creative-have fun when you are arranging flowers.

Aren’t these amazing? They make my heart pitter pat.

You can use fresh flowers, faux flowers or a combination of both. Here are some of the faux florals that I like to use.

It’s so easy, I hope that you will be arranging flowers soon.

I used Queen Annes Lace, Freesia, Eucalyptus, Tea Roses, Hydrangea and Tulips. I hope that this will encourage you to make a flower arrangement. Use what you have in your garden or get fresh flowers at the supermarket.

TIP: Cut each floral stem on a diagonal and dip it in Quick Dip, it’s a flower preserver, before you add it to the arrangement. After your arrangement is finished, spray the arrangement with Crowning Glory, it will add a sheen to the flowers and they will last longer.

TIP; Enjoy the process-do it the way that it makes you happy.

I love how this bouquet turned out, it’s a bit whimsical and not too perfect-the way that flower arrangements should be. As I dream about spring and getting my hands back in the dirt, making flower arrangements will have to suffice for a while.

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