How to Create a Lattice Wall in your Garden

Learn how to add an extra touch of charm and cozy character to your garden with a lattice wall! Follow the step-by-step instructions here from Peacock Ridge Farm.

Transform your garden into a cozy retreat with these easy-to-follow steps on how to create and install a lattice wall.

Learn how to create a beautiful lattice wall in your garden with these simple steps. Add cozy charm and character to your outdoor space with this DIY project!

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Don’t you just love a walled garden or courtyard? Me, too.

They have so much character and are so cozy to spend a lazy afternoon in.

Today, my friends, I am going to show you how I created a lattice wall in my garden.

Come on, I’ll show you.

First of all, I am going to entice you with the “after” picture. It is amazing and it’s a much better picture than seeing me sweaty while building it.

See what I mean, Doesn’t it look great?

Have you ever painted lattice with a paint brush?

If you have, you would never forget it. It is a horrible job.

If you have never used Wagner’s Flexio Paint Sprayer, you are really missing out.

This awesome paint sprayer is going to save me a tremendous amount of time and hassle-AND the clean up is just so easy.

Get a Wagner Flexio Paint Sprayer here.

My courtyard “before”

I love this courtyard area. I love the twinkle lights and the fountain and so much more about it. But, it just didn’t have a cozy feeling. The trellis is a great start, so that is what I am doing-using it as my starting point.

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I measure the length of my 1″x 3″ board, mark it and cut it.

My Compound Miter Saw is great. I use it for everything.

I love that it is not only attached to a stand, but it is on wheels as well. It is so easy to move it to where I need it.

I put my 1″x 3″ board at the top of my trellis and attach it using a nailer gun. This will be the first piece to create my “frame” for the lattice to rest in. I am always on a ladder, I love using a fiberglass ladder because it is so light and easy to carry around.

We build a “frame” by attaching three 2x 4’s, creating a ‘U’ shape. We pre-drill holes to avoid any cracks or splitting of our lumber. I love my drill, it is small, but mighty. My drill came with the battery, charger and a carrying case, you can get it here. Buy the way, this would make a great gift the the DIY’er in your life.

We lift our “frame” into place, making sure that it is level before we attach it.

Please see the video below to see how I created this lattice wall.

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Once we get our “frame” level, we pre-drill our holes and attach it with screws.

On the back side of the 2×4 “frame” we attach a 1×3″ board to the 2×4 all the way around the frame, this will hold the lattice in place and finish it off beautifully.

Now, we lift the lattice panels into place and attach it with my nailer gun, you can get it here. A pneumatic nailer makes the job so much easier to get the job done. I have had mine for ten years now and I wouldn’t know what to do without it. You will need a compressor for the nailer, I use a pancake air compressor because it is small enough for me to carry around.

Once the lattice is attached, we frame out the seams with 1×3’s. This really finished out the project so nicely.

Isn’t it looking great?
And now, for the fun part.

This Paint Sprayer is Amazing!

The best part of this entire project is the Flexio Paint Sprayer from Wagner.

If you have ever had to paint lattice before, you would know why I am so excited about this amazing paint sprayer. Painting lattice is a horrible job.

The Wagner Flexio Paint Sprayer is so easy to use. Not only is it easy to fill the paint canister, but it is light weight and it makes painting so much more fun.

It’s super easy to clean, it comes in a great carrying case with a smaller paint canister for smaller jobs. (By the way, this would make a great gift idea.)

If you have never used one, this is a MUST. You can get one here.

I used paint with the primer already in it, I didn’t want to have to paint this twice. I have plastic and tarps to completely cover any areas that I didn’t want paint on. I used painters tape, gloves and an extension cord to plug in my Flexio Paint Sprayer.

Everything is all taped off and ready for paint.
Did I mention how fun and easy this is?
Ta Da! Doesn’t it look amazing?

I just couldn’t be happier with how the lattice wall looks in my courtyard. It is a gardeners dream. A lattice wall in the garden, courtyard or patio is a great design idea to create a warm and cozy area for outdoor dining and entertaining.

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Cindy Rust

Sunday 12th of September 2021

Great tutorial Renae! I have the perfect spot for one of these lattice walls on our back patio! Thanks for the inspiration :) Pinned!