How to Create Beautiful European Style Kitchen Shelves

Learn how to create charming, stylish, easy European-style kitchen shelves with a copper hanging rack. This DIY project is perfect for any home!

Learn how to create beautiful, stylish kitchen shelves using copper wire hanging racks – perfect for any European-inspired decor! This easy DIY project is a must-try.

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Are you ready to upgrade the look of your kitchen?

If so, why not take a page from European-style designs and give your space a unique touch with beautiful kitchen shelves?

Beautiful custom wood shelves, customizable to fit your space, and the best part is, there are plenty of ways to create stunning shelving that’s practical as well as aesthetically pleasing.

In this post, we’ll explore some great ideas for creating European-style shelves in your kitchen that will both enhance its appearance and provide handy storage for all sorts of trinkets!

Today, I am sharing How to Create Beautiful European Style Kitchen Shelves.

Come on, I’ll show you.

How to Create Beautiful European Style Kitchen Shelves, topiary, white candles, vintage framed art, mortar and pestle, copper measuring cups
How to Create Beautiful European Style Kitchen Shelves

If you’re looking to achieve a light and airy look with your kitchen shelves, European style shelving is the way to go!

Whether you’re remodeling an entire kitchen or just looking to switch it up just a bit, incorporating this type of stylishly minimal shelving can make a huge impact on the overall look of your space.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some amazing examples and tips on how to incorporate European style shelves into your own kitchen.

Get ready for a stunning shelf-transformation in no time!

white shelves, taupe walls, black marble countertop, tile backsplash, white cabinets
How to Create Beautiful European Style Kitchen Shelves

This is the “before” pic.

The brown walls just didn’t fit the aesthetic that I was going for.

These shelves also didn’t fir the look that I wanted for the kitchen.

There were too many shelves, spaced too close together for how I wanted to style them.

However, they were in the perfect spot.

Learn how I created beautiful shelves in my kitchen with this easy DIY tutorial.

You’ll love the charming European style and copper hanging rack!

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What do I Need to Make Beautiful European Style Kitchen Shelves?

unfinished wood bracket, s-hooks, copper pipe, copper brackets, unfinished wood
How to Create Beautiful European Style Kitchen Shelves

Are you looking for an easy and inexpensive way to update the look of your kitchen?

With just a few simple tools and materials, you can easily create beautiful European-style shelves.

Not only are these shelves aesthetically pleasing, but they also offer extra storage space–a perfect solution if you’re trying to fit more stuff in a small space!

In this post, we’ll go over how to build some attractive and practical kitchen shelving that won’t break the bank.

So grab your drill, sandpaper, wood cuts, glue –and let’s get started!

I always have a bunch of scraps in my barn let over from previous projects, so this project was super affordable-it was free.

You will need: lumber for your shelves, corbels, screws, a drill , drill bits, wall anchors, a chop saw, measuring tape, paint, paint brush and roller, paint tray, blue tape, , copper pipe cutter, copper pipe, ‘s’ hooks, copper end caps and hanging brackets.

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How To Make Beautiful European Style Kitchen Shelves

ryobi circular saw, unfinished wood, workshop, garage door
How to Create Beautiful European Style Kitchen Shelves

I started my measuring my space and deciding how wide I wanted my shelves to be.

Then, I took my 10″ wide pine boards to the saw and cut them to 24″.

How to Create Beautiful European Style Kitchen Shelves, tape measure, pencil, wood shelf
How to Create Beautiful European Style Kitchen Shelves

Next, I decided where I wanted the corbels be be on the board, and I marked it with a pencil.

Then, using my nail gun, I nailed the corbels to the boards.

You can see how I made my bathroom shelves, here.

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screws, brackets, clamp, peg board
How to Create Beautiful European Style Kitchen Shelves

Creating your own European-style shelves is a fantastic way to give your kitchen an exciting new look and extra storage options.

With the step-by-step instructions outlined in our post today, you can quickly assemble a stylish and practical shelf that doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

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It’s always fun browsing different design trends and learning helpful do-it-yourself techniques.

So grab your tools, have some fun and get ready to transform your kitchen in no time!

How to Create Beautiful European Style Kitchen Shelves, unfinished wood shelves, blue painters tape, tile backsplash
How to Create Beautiful European Style Kitchen Shelves

Next, I measured where I wanted them on the wall.

I marked where the hooks were on the back of the corbels and transfered those marks to the wall.

Using my drill, I screwed in the wall anchors and screws.

Then, I hung the shelves. and painted them.

I chose to paint the shelves the same color as the wall.

This was great, because I had a patch on my wall that needed touched up as well.

See how I made the copper hanger by seeing how I made a copper pot rack, here.

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How to Create Beautiful European Style Kitchen Shelves, copper piping, s-hooks, white corbels, copper cookware
How to Create Beautiful European Style Kitchen Shelves

I am thrilled how these shelves turned out.

I love them.

They were so much fun to decorate as well.

They give my kitchen a European look to my cottage kitchen.

How to Create Beautiful European Style Kitchen Shelves, small glass cloche, urn with greenery, grass blinds, dried topiary, copper measuring spoons, copper hanging rack, white shelves
How to Create Beautiful European Style Kitchen Shelves

Thanks for taking the time to learn about this simple and straightforward way to update your kitchen with stylish European-style shelves.

With just a little effort and creativity, you can have extra storage space without spending too much money.

Now that you know how to create these gorgeous shelves, why not give them a try?

And if you manage to complete them successfully, make sure to show us the results!

We’d love to see what your shelves look like.

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copper hanging rack, wicker basket, brown eggs, fern wreath, vintage books, small bird bath, silver candlesticks
How to Create Beautiful European Style Kitchen Shelves


You have now taken a seemingly small space and transformed it into an extra storage spot for almost any kitchen product.

Whether you are looking to store cookware, condiments, ingredients, or decorative items the shelves are sure to be a beautiful European-style addition to your kitchen area.

And by doing so without breaking the bank, you’ve achieved another victory in home design!

Thank you for joining our mission towards practical DIY solutions –now let’s continue to inspire the change.

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