1. Cindy says

    This cranberry sauce sounds amazing. I never heard of adding nsoke syrup! Pinned my friend

  2. Kathy A says

    Yout recipe sounds great. After many years of making cranberry SOUP (It NEVER gels!), I add a box of raspberry Jello, usually sugar free as my SO is diabetic. I think they make cranberry jello now, too. I loved your idea of using the potato masher on the berries; I use mine to make “fork marks” on my peanut butter cookies sometimes for variety!

  3. Leslie Watkins says

    I love homemade cranberry sauce. I’ve never thought of adding rosemary to it!

  4. Laurie says

    Your recipe sounds simple and delicious. I’ve never heard of using Rosemary with cranberries. I have some growing, so I may try it.

    I leaks a fresh cranberry sauce that I really love! I do not like canned cranberry “jelly” sauce.

    Found you on the Busy Monday Blog hop, but you’re welcome to come share your recipe at the Homestead Blog Hop!

    It’s a great time of year for cranberries!

    God bless,
    Ridge Haven Homestead

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