How to Make the Cutest Chicken Coop

Bring a vintage charm and character to your backyard with this French country inspired Chicken Chateau! Have fun finding unique items for your coop and learn how you can make it beautiful.

Add character and charm to your new chicken coop using vintage finds. Learn how you can create a beautiful French Country-style chateau that is sure to make all of your chickens happy!

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Ah, chicken coops!

You don’t have to be a barnyard buff to agree that there is something undeniably adorable about them.

Not only are they functional – keeping your hens safe and sound – but when done right, they can also make fantastic statement pieces in an outdoor area.

And if you’re up for a DIY challenge, it could be the perfect weekend activity as you upgrade your backyard.

So let’s get crafting with our easy guide on how to make the cutest chicken coop around!

Today, I am sharing How to Make the Cutest Chicken Coop.

Come on, I’ll show you.

How to Make the Cutest Chicken Coop, black outdoor sconce, gold distressed frame, French language, welcome sign, topiary, white chicken coop
How to Make the Cutest Chicken Coop

I love having chickens.

Not only for their eggs, but they are so relational, as well.

We lost all of our chickens due to wildfires and smoke choke in 2020.

My heart was broken.

When I decided to get chickens again, I knew that I wanted to build the cutest chicken coop, ever.

Are you hoping to add some chickens to your family but aren’t sure where to start?

With the right materials and know-how, it’s easy to create a super cute chicken coop that you and your chickens will absolutely love.

Building a cozy home for your flock is an exciting way to deepen your connection with nature while creating something beautiful and unique.

Here we’ll offer tips on how you can make the cutest chicken coop imaginable!

What Do I Need to Make the Cutest Chicken Coop?

How to Make the Cutest Chicken Coop, white chicken coop with black roof, black wall sconce, spiral topiary in black square planter, hydrangeas, white railing, porch, white door with glass panes, wreath, pergola
How to Make the Cutest Chicken Coop

I used loads of vintage finds for this coop to add charm and character.

I found this front door on Facebook Marketplace for under $100.

I absolutely love it.

You can save a lot of money by shopping second hand.

I love adding character anywhere that I can.

The trellis over the door keeps the facade from looking flat.

By adding light sensor outdoor sconces, it keeps critters away at night.

Are you ready to embark on a fun, creative project?

If so, then consider building your own chicken coop!

Not only is it a great way to add some cute and fuzzy chickens to your backyard flock; it can also be an enjoyable learning experience.

Plus, the end product of making a chicken coop from scratch will leave you feeling satisfied and proud.

With these helpful steps as your guide, you’ll be able to design the cutest chicken coop around in no time!

You will need: Vinyl Cupola with Copper Roof, Bantam Rooster Weathervane, Window Boxes, Decorative Brackets, Outdoor Wall Light Fixtures, French Lavender Wreath, Cafe Curtains, Curtain Rods, Corn Broom, Corn Whisk Broom, Large Nesting Box, Small Nesting Box, Egg Basket, Galvanized Chicken Feeder, Galvanized Steel Automatic Waterer, Automatic Chicken Coop Door, Waterer Heated Base, Foldable Chicken Coop Heater.

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How to Make the Cutest Chicken Coop

copper cupola, weather vane, black shingle roofing, black shutters, white building, tall evergreens, hydrangea bushes
How to Make the Cutest Chicken Coop

A building on our farm is just not finished until it has a cupola and a weathervane.

I have several of them all around the farm.

I love them.

Turn your backyard into a quaint French countryside with these tips for crafting an adorable chicken coop using vintage finds.

Add immediate charm and character to create a beautiful, luxurious home for your feathered friends!

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See How to Make an Easy Topiary with a Vintage Urn that I have in the Chicken Coop.

See How to Easily Refinish a Beautiful Vintage Church Pew that I have in the Chicken Coop.

white chicken coop, copper cupola, black shutters, black window boxes, black corbels, hydrangea bushes, spiral topiaries in black square pots, white chicken coop, chicken run with teal door
How to Make the Cutest Chicken Coop

We built the coop in our front pasture.

I love coming down the drive and seeing the coop.

You will notice that we gave the coop some of the same details as our house.

We clipped the gable roofline to add European flair.

We added shutters and window boxes to match the house as well.

Adding the front porch, makes for a friendly country welcome.

I love the large planters and topiaries on the porch.

I would love it if you would check out my Amazon Live for this Thursday, here.

How to Make the Cutest Chicken Coop, grapevine wreath on chicken wire, nesting box, beige and white gingham under counter curtain, basket of hydrangeas, black church pew bench with pillows, cream pillow with embroidered fern, paisley pillow, black and gold wrought iron chandelier, wood floor strewn with straw, valances with eyelet lace
How to Make the Cutest Chicken Coop

There are so many vintage finds in the coop.

I love the instant character that they bring.

The black church pew was a great find.

I love sitting in the coop and just being a part of all of the activity.

The chandelier was in my barn for years, just waiting for the right spot.

The door knocker, the basket, the accessories were all fun finds.

But, one of my favorites was this screen door.

Doesn’t it add such fun with the great color.

I found two matching screen doors on Facebook Marketplace.

I loved the color so much that I didn’t repaint them.

The second screen door is in the chicken yard.

How to Make the Cutest Chicken Coop, roosting ladder, chickens, teal vintage screen door, straw on floor, windows, screened windows
How to Make the Cutest Chicken Coop

Because there isn’t a lot of space in the coop, I made them a ladder perch from scrap wood.

It’s a great space saver.

They love to all sit at the top.

Chickens are messy, I added a sheet vinyl to the floor for super easy cleaning.

After understanding the basics of chicken coops, you should now be feeling confident creating your own cozy little chickens mansion.

Not only is it a fun DIY project, but can also add some pizzaz to your outdoor area!

So let your imagination go wild and get crafting with this easy guide!

Plus, why not share the results with us?

We’d love to see just how creative you can get!

Make sure to check us out on our blog, and follow us on Pinterest and Instagram for more information and inspiring ideas.

Until then, happy coop-building!

It’s time for YOU to get creative and make something unique!

How to Make the Cutest Chicken Coop, chicken nesting boxes, beams, pitched roof, straw on floor, teal screen door, rattan basket full of dried hydrangeas, wreath, chandelier
How to Make the Cutest Chicken Coop

This nesting box is amazing!

It’s plenty large enough for all of my hens, it has a removable mat that is easy to clean, but the best part is that the eggs roll out to the back of the nesting box, where you can easily retrieve the eggs without going into the coop.

And the eggs come out clean every single time.

My other favorite thing that I added to the coop is an inside water spigot.

It makes it so easy to fill the waterer everyday.

No more trying to carry a full waterer from the outside spigot to the inside of the coop.

From the planning stages to that very last coat of paint, constructing your own chicken coop can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Plus, with all the customizations available and materials readily available in your local hardware store, you are free to get as creative as possible!

So go ahead and get building; create a masterful coop and bring your backyard a touch of charm.

And if you’re still looking for inspiration, check us out on our blog, Pinterest and Instagram – where we share trends, tips and plenty of pictures.

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Who says chickens can’t play dress-up?

With a little hard work and thoughtfulness, creating the perfect home for your feathered friends is within reach – and dare we say it: it’s gonna be totally egg-cellent!

chicken run, vintage teal screen door, chicken wire, small white chicken, hanging light, hydrangea bush
How to Make the Cutest Chicken Coop

The little hen in the cage inside the chicken yard was being hen pecked quite badly. She is in this cage so that she can remain safe while we get her reacclimated to the flock. She is now back in the copp with all of the others and she is doing well.

From beginning to end, creating a chicken coop has been a fun and educational experience!

What’s more is that chicken coops not only act as protective houses for your hens but they can also make for great eye-catching decorations in your backyard.

So go on, get building and watch as the fluffiest chickens peck, strut and wander around their fabulous custom home!

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Let’s get crafting – happy building!

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Chloe Crabtree

Thursday 3rd of August 2023

Renae, This is the cutest! I would love to have more property to have chickens, alas, I am stuck on a relatively small lot in a planned community! I love when I visit Mary in Phoenix and gather the eggs!

Renae Frey

Sunday 6th of August 2023

It's wonderful having chickens. I love it. Hugs to you.

Wendy McMonigle

Wednesday 2nd of August 2023

I am in love with your chicken coop! I used to raise chickens as a young girl and would love to have them again.

Renae Frey

Sunday 6th of August 2023

I love having chickens. I hope that you get some soon.


Sunday 30th of July 2023

Renae, This is the cutest chicken coop ever! My son has chickens on his property and I have been bugging him to build something cute for them. I can't wait to show him and his wife this! Love this!!

Renae Frey

Sunday 6th of August 2023

Thanks, Jill. You would love having chickens.

Mary from Life at Bella Terra

Sunday 30th of July 2023

Renae, I thought my chicken coop was adorable but yours takes the cake! What a stunning building and I love all your personal touches! Bravo! Job well done.

Renae Frey

Sunday 6th of August 2023

Thank you, my friend. I love your chicken coop. It's so cute.


Saturday 29th of July 2023

Of course, but who else would have the cutest chicken coop ever, but you, Renae! It is beyond adorable! Are the grands jealous of the hens?

Renae Frey

Sunday 30th of July 2023

Thank you, Diane. We love it. The grands love feeding and taking care of the chickens. What fun.