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I just Love a Gorgeous Autumn Window Box

I just Love a Gorgeous Autumn Window Box

Window boxes are one of my favorite things on a home. I love changing them out each season. Unfortunately, this autumn has been quite different for me. Not only did Covid make everything different this year, but we had multiple wildfires very near our home in early September in which we had to evacuate for two weeks. As soon as we got home, my mom was put on hospice and passed away shortly after. Needless to say, I had my plate full and I never got around to replanting my window boxes and decorating them. So, I found some that just made my heart so happy. I hope that you enjoy them as well.

This is such a gorgeous window box. I love that “Hook and Lattice” planted this window box with ivy and cabbage, then filled it with bittersweet, dried hydrangeas, gourds and so much more. It makes me want to get out there and replant my window boxes.

The red window box is stunning! The color just adds so much to the fall decor inside in the window box. “Home Is Where the Boat Is” decorated this window box starting with the greenery left over from the summer planting, then added fall leaves and pumpkins. It is extremely simple, but I love that the leaves pick up the red of the window box.

Just look at this beauty! I really like that it is not the typical fall decor of pumpkins and typical fall colors. This box is just so pretty, but is filled with clippings from the garden by “What Is Old Is New.”

I have an affinity for black shutters and window boxes, it evokes so much charm. One thing that I really think makes this one stand out is that “Wisteria & Rose” didn’t limit the decor to just the window box. They not only hung a wreath above the window box, but they also added a small obelisk and filled it with gourds to add height. It’s just beautiful!

This lovely window box by “Mama and More” really strikes my fancy. They used sticks to add height and to divide the three windows. The repeated decor under each window is just so beautiful.

I really loved the way the black branches look against the blue trim. It is super unique. I also like the simple wire window box with the moss. Sadly, I don’t know the origin of this picture, otherwise I would have given them the credit.

These beautiful window boxes are all so beautiful. Each of them have their own unique style. I love that so much of design doesn’t have rules. Use what makes you happy.

Anything fall makes me happy.

Happy Fall!

Hugs and blessings to you,


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