It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

I am having so much fun decorating the farm for the holidays. It’s such a lovely day, super crisp, yet sunny. It’s the perfect day to hang wreaths, garlands and bows.

I love driving up to the gate and seeing it decorated. The kid in me jumps for joy every single time.

I added garlands and wreaths to the gate and fences.

I just got these concrete urns and I could hardly wait to fill them. I put one on either side of the gate. I planted a Lemon Cypress in the center, then filled it with greenery from Christmas tree trimmings, seeded eucalyptus, and berries. I love it.

This is the gate to the pasture. I had some wrought iron window boxes and I hung them on the top rung of the fence. I trimmed most of the plantings that I had in the window box, but I loved the look of the trailing greenery, so I left it.

I was running out of greenery after filling all of my urns around the property, so I went over to my daughters house and trimmed her shrubs as well. I really like the look of the burgundy leaves. I also added boxwood and jasmine, then put in some small alder logs and a bow. I love that you can make something so beautiful out of yard clippings.

This is the entry to the carriage house. I love all of the detail.

I just had to add a bit of glitz with the gold ornaments.

We rarely use our front door and our front porch is tiny, but I love decorating it, even though the only one that ever sees it is the Amazon delivery guy, and me when I’m getting my packages-so I don’t go all out on decorating the porch.

This is my back patio. This is the view that I see from my kitchen window while washing dishes. It looks even prettier at night when the twinkle lights really shine.

A close up of the fireplace decor. I love this!`

This is the window box on my kitchen window. I like being able to see it from the inside, too. I usually trim all of my annuals back in the fall instead of removing them. By covering them with all of the yard trimmings, it insolates the plants and the majority of them survive. When I uncover the plants in late January, the annuals are already starting to grow.

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Happy Holidays!

Hugs and Blessings to you,