Our 2021 Home Projects List-Great Home Improvement Ideas

Our 2021 Home Projects List-Great Home Improvement Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I always have a running list of all of the projects that I would like to do around the house. This year the list is just so fun! We will be doing a lot of upgrades outdoors, great for entertaining and that’s what we love to do.

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Project #1-Tile the Greenhouse Floor. I absolutely LOVE these floors. I lay awake at night thinking about them. I want to put them in our greenhouse. It would be stunning. But, here is what it looks like now.

Project #2-Build a Barn. We love to entertain all year long, but we live in Oregon and we have some rainy, cold days. The barn will be a great place to have parties. Right now, we have an empty 5 acre parcel. We have a mountain view, so I want the barn to have some great windows. We will be parking the motorhome and recreation vehicles in it, so I want large doors to make it easy to get the vehicles in and out easily.

Project #3-A Patio Makeover. We have a large patio, but it is a trip hazard. The decking is composite boards, unfortunately the builder didn’t do a great job of installing it and the boards have warped. He also created many different levels, limiting the useable space and adding to the trip hazard. Here is what it looks like now.

Project #4-A Front Porch Makeover. I love the stone arch, but the porch itself is just so small. Really, the only one that uses our front porch is the FedEx guy (you will notice that there is a package in the pic.) I want to bring the porch forward a bit, so that it is more inviting.

Project #5-Redoing a Garden Bed. With the patio makeover, the garden bed that is next to it looks pretty shabby, so I will do a makeover on it as well. I’m thinking that I will add a fountain. This is what it looks like now.

Project #6-Creating a Cottage. We have a pole barn out back that I would love to create a small cottage in. It will also serve to be a great space for photo shoots for the blog. Here is what the pole barn looked like when we first built it.

Project #7-Update the Movie Room. We love to watch movies and we are so thrilled to have the space to dedicate to watching movies in, but it’s quite outdated when you see the carpeting , you will surely agree with me. Enough said. Sorry for the terrible picture quality.

So, that’s our 2021 project list. Some of the projects will be much easier to accomplish, some of the projects may have to wait until next year, but I thought that if it was in writing, it might encourage us to finish them all.

What are your projects for 2021?

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Saturday 26th of June 2021

We have a small porch also. I would like to see how you enlarge yours so I can get some ideas on the process. Would you be so kind as to show the process on your blog

Renae Frey

Saturday 26th of June 2021

lwill add those details to the post. My porch had two steps that went out past the rock archway above my porch. I extended the porch to the end of the top step, then extended the bottom step out another 18". I hope that makes sense to you, Happy summer.