Our Farm Makeover, Part One

Our Farm Makeover, Part One

My husband and I have been highschool sweethearts since we were sixteen years old. We loved to go for long drives in the country. We would jump into the old 1940 Packard, the car that he was brought home from the hospital when he was born, and off we went.

One of our favorite drives was to drive out along the ridge overlooking the river. The ridge was lined with stately homes behind wrought iron gates. We loved this row of homes and could only dream of what it was like to live in one of these homes.

Fast forward 30 years, when we were looking for a “forever home,” my father in law who was a realtor, drove us up to a home along this same ridge. My husband and I knew the second that we pulled up to the gate, that this would be “the one.” We were in love.

As an Interior Designer, I just couldn’t wait to get started on the transformation. I couldn’t imagine a lovelier canvas, in which to do my artistry. I have always dreamed of living in a big, white house with black shutters and trim. And, I just loved the look of a French Country home. It took us many years of planning, sweat and tears-but we are so thrilled with the outcome. This is indeed, our “Forever Home.”

I will be posting a series of ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics and writing the story of our Farm Makeover, once a month. I hope that you will enjoy seeing the progress and process.

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We have a lovely French Country Boutique on the Farm, offering French Farmhouse Chic inspired decor for your home and garden. We are open six weekends a year and by appointment. If you would like to come visit the farm and shop the boutique, please call 818-205-7330 to set up your personal shopping appointment. Please feel free to put a group together to come shop, make it a Girls Day Out.

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