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Beautiful Pond Ideas for the Farm

Hey Friends! I’m so glad that you are here. I could really use your help. We had a lovely orchard with Peaches, Pears, Plums, Apples, Cherries, Persimmons and Figs. We also grew grapes in the vinyard out front. Sadly, we lost them all due to smoke choke after the terrible fires that hit our community last fall. As sad as I was, and still am, about losing all of these wonderful trees and vines that I nutured for so many years-I look at it as an opportunity to do something different this time around.

Isn’t this gorgeous?!

I am thinking about putting a reflecting pool or pond in the front pasture. You would be able to see it as you drive down our long driveway. Not only would it be pretty to look at, it would be a fun place to hang out when the weather is nice. I could see my garnd babies having a ball playing in it. So, here are some pond ideas that I have been dreaming about for the farm.

I love the formality of this reflecting pool.

Even though, we live on a farm, I like things a bit more formal. I like clean lines. I’m attracted to the columns at the end of this pool.

I love the fountain in the middle of this pool. I want to keep the water moving and a fountain would really draw your eye to it.

OOH, look at this one. Everything around makes it so pretty.

I absolutely LOVE the urns on each corner of this pond. It’s makes me so giddy!

As I was going through all of my pond idea pics, I had this one in there three times, I gues you can tell which way I am leaning.

This one is lovely as well. I like the idea of the water plants and the fountains.

Oh my goodness! Just looking through this post makes my heart so happy. Building a pond on the farm is on the 2021 project list. I’m not sure if this project will get done this year. However, my husband should limit his business travel, as he may come home with me sitting in a tractor digging an enormous hole in the pasture.

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