Transforming Old Christmas Ornaments Into Something Beautiful

This holiday season, add a touch of elegance to your tree with unique, handmade decorations that look like travertine and velvet ribbon! Learn how you can transform your old ornaments here.

This holiday season, add a touch of elegance to your tree with unique, handmade decorations that look like travertine and velvet ribbon! Learn how you can transform your old ornaments here.

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It’s that time of year again!

The holiday season is upon us and it’s the perfect opportunity to give your old Christmas ornaments a bit of festive flair.

With just a few simple materials, you can transform those dingy decorations into something beautiful.

Let us show you how easy transforming your tree trimmings can be—it’ll bring life back to the things that haven’t seen the light of day in years!

Read on for some fun, creative ideas on how to make the most out of what you have and surprise your friends with delightful, eye-catching details this holiday season.

Today, I am sharing Transforming Old Christmas Ornaments Into Something Beautiful.

Come on, I’ll show you.

Transforming Old Christmas Ornaments

Creating something beautiful from something old is a special kind of magic!

If you’re looking for a special project this Christmas season, why not take on the challenge of transforming your aged and weathered ornaments into brand new statement pieces?

There’s no better way to amp up the festive spirit and get creative at home.

With just some basic materials, some extra time, and imagination – you can turn those regular little ornaments into sparkling wonders!

Get ready to be amazed as we walk you through how easy it is to transform those once dull decorations into stunning homemade designs that will have your tree shimmering with joy.

I love Christmas!

It’s such a special time of year.

I like to decorate with lots of natural items for the holidays-natural colors, antler sheds, pinecones, plaids, velvet ribbon and loads of greenery-more of a Ralph Lauren Decor style.

Transforming Old Christmas Ornaments

It’s the time of year when we get creative in decorating for the holidays!

Instead of keeping your Christmas decorations nice and orderly each year, why not shake things up a bit by transforming old ornaments into something brand new?

Even if you think an ornament looks like it’s seen better days, there are plenty of ways to give these pieces a fresh look that will add a unique touch to your holiday décor.

We know that you’re already feeling inspired – so let us show you how easy it is to breathe new life into those special keepsakes from Christmases past.

Read on for some amazing DIY transformations that will have all your visitors looking twice at this year’s festive decorations!

I bought these ornaments years ago, thinking that they were silver mercury glass ornaments.

BUT, when I really looked at them, they were lavender.

I don’t decorate with lavender.

So, I tucked them away with the old Christmas ornaments that I don’t use.

Transforming Old Christmas Ornaments

What Do I Need to Transform Old Christmas Ornaments Into Something Beautiful?

Looking for a unique way to spruce up your holiday decorations?

Learn how to take old Christmas ornaments and make them look like natural travertine with velvet ribbon, adding elegance to your tree.

I hate to waste things that can be transformed into something beautiful.

So, here is what I did.

You will need: glass ball ornaments, a cardboard box, skewers, blue painters tape, cream spray paint, light taupe craft paint, bronze craft paint, baking soda, velvet ribbon.

Not crafty?

Here are some great ornaments for you.

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How to Transform Old Christmas Ornaments Into Something Beautiful

Transforming Old Christmas Ornaments, woman wearing plastic gloves dabbing paint on an ornmanet, plastic covered table, boxes of baking soda, acrylic paint
Transforming Old Christmas Ornaments

The easiest way that I have found to paint ornaments is to add skewers to a cardboard box.

Then I hang the ornaments on the skewers.

But first, I add painters tape around the top of the ornaments. If the top of the ornaments came off easily, I would have taken them off the hang them on the skewers.

Next, I sprayed them with the spray paint and let them dry completely.

Then I used a crumpled paper towel to dapple on a coat of the taupe paint, then the bronze paint.

If you do the coats of dappled paint one right after the other without letting the one dry first, you will ge a more cohesive look. Then let it dry.

Transforming Old Christmas Ornaments

Once the ornaments are dry, remove the painters tape and sprinkle on some baking soda.

This gives a wonderful stone look to the ornaments.

Then add a beautiful velvet ribbon.

That’s it.

With the holiday season in full swing, there’s no better time to get creative with your tree decorations.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to bring life back into the ornaments you already have lying around!

From repurposing old materials into festive crafts, to adding touches of glitter and sparkle, there are countless ways that you can spruce up your decorations this year.

So don’t be afraid to act on these ideas and show off some originality—it doesn’t take much effort but it will surely put a smile on the faces of everyone who sees your work!

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Transforming Old Christmas Ornaments, pine boughs, pine cones, round bulbs
Transforming Old Christmas Ornaments

Didn’t they turn out great?

And I repurposed them with stuff that I already had around the house.

The holiday spirit is in the air!

Now that you know how easy it can be to spruce up your old decorations, the possibilities are endless.

Take a few moments to get creative with your ornaments and you’ll find yourself in a winter wonderland right at home!

Make sure not to miss out on all the fun, unique DIY decorations this season—and don’t forget to show us what you come up with!

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Decorating for Christmas has never been so much fun!

Transforming Old Christmas Ornaments
Transforming Old Christmas Ornaments

All in all, decorating your home for the holiday season is a great way to take part in its celebration and make it your own.

We hope that our advice has shown you how easy and fun it can be to create something unique with everything you have already.

With some clever thinking, there’s no limit to the creative ideas you can come up with yourself!

Spruce up your tree and give new life to old Christmas ornaments this year!

To stay in the loop of upcoming holiday themes, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog, Pinterest and Instagram pages – there are loads of fun ideas waiting for you!

Have a joyful season filled with long-lasting memories made!

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Transforming Old Christmas Ornaments
Transforming Old Christmas Ornaments

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Transforming Old Christmas Ornaments

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Monday 23rd of October 2023

These ornaments turned out stunning! Especially snuggled in those beautiful fresh greens!

Renae Frey

Wednesday 25th of October 2023

Thank you, Diane. Hugs to you.


Monday 9th of October 2023

The ornaments are lovely. and I plan on transforming some of my old ones. Wouldn't I need to add the baking soda before the paint dries?


Sunday 8th of October 2023

Renae , your Christmas ornaments turned out so lovely. Thanks for the tips and inspiration. Have a wonderful day.


Saturday 7th of October 2023

This is such a great idea Renae! Your new ornaments are beautiful!