9 Tips and Ideas That Will Warm Up a White Kitchen

1. Add Great Flooring. One of the easiest ways to add warmth and personality to a white kitchen is through great flooring.

2. Use BrassVintage Inspired Hardware it's a classic with it’s timeless design.

3. Use Patterned Interest Laying tiles in a beautiful pattern is a great way to add interest and charm to a white kitchen.

4. Add a Copper Pot Rack Hanging vintage copper pots or other vintage items from the pot rack, elevates the character even more.

5.  Add Texture with Natural Stone Natural stone stands up well to wear and tear and is stunning at the same time.

6. Add in Warmth with Wood Accents and Natural Elements Consider adding a wood butcher block top on your kitchen island.

7. Install Vintage Lighting Consider adding vintage lighting like a chandelier or pendant lights that not only provide functional lighting but also add style and interest.

8. Bring in Vintage Decor Vintage decor pieces like antique silver urns, artwork, or a vintage crock to hold your utensils in, adds character and charm to a white kitchen.

9. Add Greenery. Nothing adds life into your space like greenery. Whether real or faux.