Make a Cozy Throw Blanket with Easy Loop Yarn Finger Knitting

Step 2-Lay the second row just above the first row, pulling the top loop through the bottom loop. Make sure not to twist the yarn as it will affect the look of your blanket.

PRO TIP-Take your time, as it could be easy to skip a loop. Be sure to flip the blanket over and check the back for twisted loops as well. Step 3-Then just keep repeating this until your blanket is the desired length.

Now it’s time to make the pompoms! Decide how many pompoms you want on each end of your blanket. I love this Pom Pom Maker because the pompoms are so easy to make.

Making a throw blanket with finger loop knitting is not only relatively simple, but it’s also one that anyone can easily learn and have great success with.

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